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I joined Kiva on March 28, 2009, after reading about it in President Bill Clinton's book Giving. I immediately went online, joined Kiva, and began contributing to the effort. The microloan system is spiritually rewarding.  It's amazing how a small amount of $25 can make such a great difference in the lives of people somewhere else in the World.

Most of my loans are made to widowed mothers in areas were their financial options are scarce, sometimes non-existent.  There's no financial gain to me as a lender.  As a matter of fact, there might be some financial loss, because from time to time there might be situations in which a customer may default.  But of all the money I've lent, I've only lost $4.38.  When you take into consideration that many people live in regions embroiled in war and hardship, losing the price of a Starbuck's cup of coffee doesn't sound all that bad.
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  Sarah: Chapter One
Sarah is a 62 years old  widow and the mother of seven children.  They live in Twifo Praso in the central region of Ghana.

She has been selling cooking utensils for the past 20 years.  She has been able to see a growth in demand, but her inventory can't meet that demand.  Earlier this year she requested a $700 loan and I, together with 16 other Kiva members, funded her loan.  The loan has been disbursed and we are anxious to see how this loan helps meet her goals.

I know what you are thinking: What can anyone do with $700?  I say, Lots!  According to the Global Policy Network, the national average household income in Ghana is $947/year.  The poorest 20% of the population earns less than half of that.  With this modest loan, we've given Sarah the ability to increase the cash potential of her business.  In doing so we are helping Sarah provide for her family. 

I can't wait to see how the next chapter in Sarah's life plays out.

I have never met Sarah, I probably never will, but it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I am part of touching someone's life.  I want to be part of this effort for as long as I live.